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ADV7513 1280 X 720 x 30 fps support


I am trying to use the ADV7513.

While checking the specifications, it was confirmed that 1280 x720 x 60 fps can be printed.

However, it is not confirmed that 1280 X 720 X 30 fps output is supported. I ask for help to check the availability of 720P 30fps.0

If the ADV7513 does not support 720P 30fps, can you recommend an HDMI Tx IC that outputs both 720P 30fps and 720P 60fps?

Thank you

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  • Thanks for your answer.

      "720p30Hz pixel clock is 37Mhz so ADV7513 should handle the format fine."

     Can't you explain the meaning of the word in more detail?

    For example, write 0xff to the 0x1234 register.

    Otherwise, Relevant page designation in ADV7513 provided documentation.

    I've seen the AD7513 document, but I don't understand it correctly, so I want to contact an expert.

    Thank you!!