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ADV7181C IC Programming User guide


Currently I am working on ADV7181C IC and the application is to receive PAL and STANAGRGB video data.

I have following queries regarding the same:-

1)In the data sheet it is mentioned as "Analog component YPrPb/RGB video formats with embedded synchronization or with separate HS, VS, or CS"
I am not able to find the register set details of ADV7181C.
If I need to set the ADV7181C IC to get the output with separate HS,VS or CS value then, which register I need to set.

2)In the ADV7181C data sheet, some of the details of the register configuration has been mentioned but the register address are not mentioned.
Can i get the programming user guide of ADV7181C IC or any software manual where I can find information about the register address and the data bit information.

Can you please share the information of ADV7181C IC register set address and its bits configuration details.

Thanks & Regards,

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  • Hello,

    To take sync signal as output, 0x85 register is for CP mode,

    Can i know for SDP mode which register has to be taken care to get sync signal as output

    The requirement is as follows

    Input to the decoder is PAL and output from the decoder is  expected to be 16-bit YCbCr with sync synchronization, where hsync and vsync are active low signal

    Changes done in the configuration script is as follows:-

    (1) 0x03 to 0x08 for 16-bit output

    (2) 0x8F to 0x50 for 13.5 MHz, (but when the LLC pin is probed it is observed that  the LLC is 27Mhz)

    (3) 0x85 to 0x8A, to get separate syncs and hsync and vsync as active low, but when read it is found to be 0x42.

    Can I know what registers need to be updated to achieve the requirements.

    Thanks & Regards