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ADV7181C IC Programming User guide


Currently I am working on ADV7181C IC and the application is to receive PAL and STANAGRGB video data.

I have following queries regarding the same:-

1)In the data sheet it is mentioned as "Analog component YPrPb/RGB video formats with embedded synchronization or with separate HS, VS, or CS"
I am not able to find the register set details of ADV7181C.
If I need to set the ADV7181C IC to get the output with separate HS,VS or CS value then, which register I need to set.

2)In the ADV7181C data sheet, some of the details of the register configuration has been mentioned but the register address are not mentioned.
Can i get the programming user guide of ADV7181C IC or any software manual where I can find information about the register address and the data bit information.

Can you please share the information of ADV7181C IC register set address and its bits configuration details.

Thanks & Regards,

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  • Hi,

      If it is 8 bit data, the data would be interleaved in Cb/Y/Cr/Y, So you will get YPrPb in P19-P12 or P2-P9. Please refer below snap .

      Please note 16 bits implies one channel is Y and Cb/Cr are interleaved on the other channel. In 16-bit output interface where Y and Cr/Cb are delivered via separate data buses. i.e 16-bit out, Y=P19-P12, PrPb=P9-P2.



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