ADV7535 EDID 4 Block

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similar to this question

HDMI certification test, needs to read EDID 3 Block and 4 Block 

How can i do?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 19, 2021 9:16 AM


     The product you are seeking support on is covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we are unable to provide support for it in the public EngineerZone community. To receive support on this product, lease contact your Analog Devices representative.

     Generally transmitter has an I2C master (DDCSDA/DDCSCL) to read the EDID, It begins buffering segment 0 of the sink's EDID after HPD is detected.
     The system can request additional segments by programming the EDID segment register of ADV7535.
    Also note that EDID memory is at I2C address at 0x7E by default, EDID block 0 byte number 0x7E tells how many additional EDID blocks are available if byte 0x7E is greater than 1, additional EDID segments will need to be read. If there is more than one segment, the second block(block 1) is required to be an EDID extension map.

       By writing the desired segment register then ADV7535 will automatically access the correct portion of the EDID EEPROM over the DDC lines and load the 256 bytes into the EDID memory.

      Segment - 256 bytes
      Block - 128 bytes