customer board with adv7180 display not clear than customer's competitor

Dear Expert,

My customer now use adv7180 for CVBS input.

Now face a display tune issue as below:

Customer feedback,when use same input sginal(same Camera) ,customer board(using adv7180) show picture as below:


And customer competitor's picture as below:

From the picture,customer's picture is not so clear than customer's competitor's.

At least the iron gauze is clear in customer's competitor's picture,but is a little vague in picture(using adv7180).

So could you help to indicate which parameter or register can be used to adjust this symptom?

Thanks a lot!

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    •  Analog Employees 
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    on Apr 14, 2021 3:25 PM

    It is hard to tell from the attached images what the issue is.  These are .jpg files which compresses the image and may lose some clarity of the artifacts.

    Check any of the filters such as NTSC, comb, luma, chroma...   For example try the 4 different NTSC filters to see if one setting works the best for this application

    Also check out the brightness and contrast settings.

    Note this is a unique case which might require custom tweaks for optimal performance