3 bit rgb on adv7125... LSB... MSB...


I am an absolute beginner in usage of video DACs so forgive me for asking a question that might be very obvious to most people here.

I am trying to use an adv7125 as a means to process some 3 bit digital rgb signals from an old computer. 

According to the datasheet of the 7125 LSB's are R0, G0 and B0. 

So... is the correct way of connecting the inputs like this:

From PC adv7125
R2 --> R7
R1 --> R6
R0 --> R5

When I ground R4-R0 on the ADV like this... will I get the correct white and black levels? Is another way of connection prefered? And... maybe even more important... Is there anywhere I could find documentation on how this process actually works. I'm kinda lost in the woods here and would love to learn more :-) 

Thanks in advance!