Get video simultaneously from 3 cameras using ADV7180. Possible ?


In my company, we are developing a video security system using 3 analog cameras, so we decided to use ADV7180 (40 pin version).

The three analog video inputs are multiplexed, so we wonder if we can get the video from the 3 cameras simultaneously. Or at least in a way that seems simultaneous.

In case this is not possible (I guess it is not possible after reading, is there any solution (another IC) to have 3 analog cameras (PAL encoding) simultaneously ?

Thanks in advance.

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      Yes, There are other devices out there with multiple decoders targeted to the video surveillance market.  They can decode multiple signals but output them on a single compressed pixel port.  We don't remember specific devices but if you do some searches you can find them.

      Note: ADI does not make multiple input simultaneously video decoder.  This would require multiple ADCs in one package and some form of pixel bus multiplexing to get the data out.

      ADV7180 will handle 4 inputs but only one input at a time can be processed and output on the pixel port.  Multiple simultaneously video decoder implies you want to process (in this case) 3 video inputs and generate 3 video outputs on a pixel ports.