ADV7604 I2S signal loss

Hi Team,

My customer is using ADV7606 in their video conference system. But recently they found an issue about it. I also attached the schematics about ADV7604 and the picture for HDMI to DVI adapter. Could you please help to share some suggestions for this issue? Thanks a lot for your help.


Test Setup:

One HDMI cable is used to connect the laptops HDMI port with an adapter, which is used for HDMI to DVI switching. Then the DVI port is connected with the board of ADV7604. The audio and video file is played in laptop.



The audio and video can be played normally. However, if we paused the file in laptop and wait for a while, then continue to play, the video signal on ADV7604 side can go on and no interruption. But the audio signal disappeared for about 2 seconds, then get back normally. We tested the I2S signal from ADV7604 outputs and found no I2S output indeed for the first 2 seconds. We dont know why I2S signal from ADV7604 disappeared ~2 seconds while video signal can continue normally.

Thanks a lot.