ADV7282A-M - Raspberry Pi Some Basic Questions


I have EVAL-ADV7282A-M board. I want to develop AHD camera and CSI connection board. 

I have some questions, can anyone please answer those detailed.

1- Can I change fast between cameras, and get good result with it. I mean for 10ms I will show AIN0 than change it AIN1 than show 10ms AIN1 than change it  to AIN2 and show 10ms to AIN2. Than make it in loop and show them.

2- It maybe very basic question, can I only change Video output by using GPIO like truth tabel, or how can we change it.

3- Do we need to upload a boot loader or firmware to ADV7282A or it does not require any software?

I actually try to find those information but could not find. Maybe my knowledge not enough.

Thank you for answers.

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