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ADV7181D unused analog inputs

On the ADV7181D, what should I do with analog inputs SOG, SOY, AIN[10..1] if these inputs are not used?  Can I tie them directly to GND?  Tie to GND through a 0.1uF capacitor?  Tie to GND through a 1K resistor?

If possible, I would like to tie them directly to GND to save PCB real estate, but I don't want to damage the part in doing so.

  • Hi,

    The unused analog input pins(Ain X) of analog devices video decoders can be :
     1) left floating
     2) connected via a resistor to ground.
     3) connected directly to ground
    Please note that unused input pins can be connected to ground, however the best practice is to use pull down resistors 1-10k.
    Any unused AIN input pins should be connected to AGND.  It's not a good idea to float them OR Tie Ain to ground through a resistor (1K is  good)
    Note: As per hardware manual it is strongly recommended to connect any unused analog input pins to AGND.



  • Thanks for your feedback.

    Because I have 5 of these devices in my design and the design is really crowded, I am going to simply tie the unused SOG, SOY, and AIN inputs directly to AGND.  I am only using 1 or 2 of the AIN inputs and I need to save real estate.