ADV7280A-M MIPI output abnormal

Dear Specialist,

       We've debugging ADV7280A-M for month. Now we can get MIPI output following the web documents guidance. However, seems the image is mirror or need to be rotated.

Can you advice how to correct the image. Does modify any register can help, or it can only be solved from MCU side. 

  • Hi,

      As per expert comment "Video decoder digitizes the incoming analog video. It does not reverse or flip the image.
    In some designs the processor may be needed to reverse the image depending on the input/camera usage. For example reversing camera vs. frontview camera"

     Please note that ADI does not have a chip to do this or any commercially available chips that does.  



  • Dear Poornima,

             Thanks for replay, we debug this chip for days, we are very colsed to successfully get MIPI out with ADV7280A-M. 

    Now only one confuse, during preview occasionally the image crash as below, can you advice the possible reason of this phenomenon.

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  • Hi,

    Please make sure with below things,

     1) Make sure whether ADV7280-M is programmed correctly with ADI recommended  I2C writes,

     2) Could you ensure that during power-up: the reset pin is held low for at least 5ms after the 3.3V, 1.8V and powerdown lines go high. After the reset pin goes high, wait for at least 5ms before starting I2C communication.

     3) After programming the ADV7280-M  could you please read the User Map register 0x0F. This should have the value 0x00.

     4) Can you ensure that there is no contention on the lines. i.e. that the backend processor could be trying to pull the line low as the ADV7280-M tries to output a MIPI clock.

     5) The backend processor is not configured correctly and it is pulling the clock lane low. Could you double check that the backend processor is configured correctly with latest software.

      Expert written an applications note describing the main issues interfacing the ADV728x with a MIPI receiver. Please refer the link here:
    And also please check that the reset and power-down pins are controlled in the manner described in the datasheet "optimal power-up sequence" section.



  • hi sir

      1)   we use recommended  I2C writes register as below:

    ##03_CVBS AUTODETECT, Progressive Out##

    :I2P AUTODETECT CVBS Single Ended In Ain 1, 480p/576p MIPI Out:
    delay 10 ; Wait 10ms After Hardware Reset To Start I2C
    42 0F 80 ; Reset ADV7280A-M
    delay 10 ; Wait 10ms
    42 0F 00 ; Exit Power Down Mode
    42 52 CD ; AFE IBIAS
    42 00 00 ; INSEL = CVBS in on Ain 1
    42 0E 80 ; ADI Required Write
    42 9C 00 ; Reset Current Clamp Circuitry [step1]
    42 9C FF ; Reset Current Clamp Circuitry [step2]
    42 0E 00 ; Enter User Sub Map
    42 80 51 ; ADI Required Write
    42 81 51 ; ADI Required Write
    42 82 68 ; ADI Required Write
    42 17 41 ; Enable SH1
    42 03 4E ; Power down unused pads
    42 04 57 ; Power-up INTRQ pin
    42 13 00 ; Enable ADV7280A-M for 28_63636MHz crystal
    42 1D C0 ; Tri-State LLC output driver
    42 FD 84 ; Set VPP Map Address [I2P]
    84 A3 00 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    84 5B 00 ; Advanced Timing Enabled [I2P]
    84 55 80 ; Enable I2P [I2P]
    42 FE 88 ; Set CSI Map Address
    88 01 20 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 02 28 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 03 38 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 04 30 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 05 30 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 06 80 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 07 70 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 08 50 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 DE 02 ; Power up D-PHY
    88 D2 F7 ; ADI Required Write
    88 D8 65 ; ADI Required Write
    88 E0 09 ; ADI Required Write
    88 2C 00 ; ADI Required Write
    88 1D 80 ; ADI Required Write [I2P]
    88 00 00 ; Power up MIPI CSI-2 Tx [All ADV7280A-M Writes Complete]

     2) we power on the adv7280 when system boot up , we also measure in Oscilloscope 

    there is no problem,  when we open the camera, just init  the recommended  I2C writes registers , and

    there is no error when write register ;

    3) Last ,this issue is not happened every time , when I open the camera dozens of times, it can produce one time !


  • Hi,

     Could you please try the same by disabling an I2P and their related configuration also.



  • hi sir

      could give me a register config list of  480p/576p MIPI Out for disabling an I2P ?  I have done it , but the camera can't  prievew ! Thanks 

  • Hi,

     Just disable the I2P configuration in register 0x55 - 84 55 00 and give the 480p/576p progressive input in source. Then keep the remaining configuration as same .