Hi All:

This is our function block.

We can see a picture on the DELL monitor (P2715Q) when we use ADV7535 internal pattern 1080P.

SoC outputs video DSI 1080p signal to ADV7535, then DSI is converted to HDMI by ADV7535, and output to DELL monitor (P2715Q).

We measure the SoC DSI 1080P signal is good. As shown below:

The display of DELL monitor is unstable. Most of the time we see the display is black, sometimes it will display quickly (as attached)


The following is the status value we read from ADV7535







I don’t know if this part needs to adjust the setting value of ADV7535 register.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 28, 2020 9:10 AM 2 months ago in reply to aandrews


     ADV7535 HDMI transmitter supports video resolutions up to a maximum TMDS clock frequency of 148.5 MHz. So it can support 1080p.Please cross check with reference configuration, whether you are missing any recommended settings.

     As per expert comment,ADV7535 is not an open market yet so support is via the local ADI FAE for now.
    Please email your inquiry to . They will route it to the appropriate person.
     Also ADV7535 is covered by an NDA, so unfortunately we cannot  provide the support to you here on public Engineer zone community.