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[ADV7281-M] Manually trigger interrupt pin INTRQ

Hi all,

I want to trigger the interrupt pin (INTRQ)

I tried to achieve this by using the manual interrupt, using the following sequence for I2C address 0x42:

  1. Enter Interrupt sub map register space [Write 0x20 to Addr 0x0E]
  2. Set Interrupt configuration 1 (active low, manual intr enabled, active until cleared) [Write 0xD5 to Addr 0x40]
  3. Set Interrupt mask 2 to unmasks manual interrupt [Write 0x80 to Addr 0x48]
  4. Clear interrupt status for manual interrupt [Write 0x80 to Addr 0x47]

So as you can see, the manual interrupt is successfully triggered based on interrupt status register (Addr 0x46).
However, there is no change in signal at INTRQ pin. It remains HIGH (1) all the time from the start of the sequence until the end.

Hope someone can help me on this matter. Thanks in advance!

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