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ADV7625 OSD Text problem


We have a prototype with an ADV7625 and ESP32 as the MCU control. OSD project created in Blimp 3.9 SP2

We use the configuration script when initializing the chip: "ADV7625 Transceiver Mode - Tx Source Term OFF - TMDS Clock 165MHz or less".

There was a problem displaying OSD text. The letters inside the word are at the wrong offsets. Text in line: "ABCDEFGH"

Font: Arial, 8.25pt, style=Regular

# A B C D E F G H


write offset: Width of the current character including spacing

10 7 7 7 7 6 8 7

TboxDriver_getOffset -> DriverApi_readOffset:

read offset: Width of the current character including spacing

7 2 13 6 2 1 8 5

Scaling registers OSD map: TBOX_V_SCALE[3:0] ,TBOX_H_SCALE[3:0] : 0x0F; 0x09; 0x11

Can you tell me how to make sure that the width of the letter is correctly determined and the inscription is displayed on the screen correctly?

What special font may need to be used?

Maybe we need to control some settings?

Best regards

Aleks Koshevoy

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