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ADV7127 DAC Output Format


we are using ADV7127 for converting raw digital video from a camera to analog video signal. In the datasheet, output format is given as RS-343A-/RS-170. we connected this analog output to a TV through the AV connector, but didnt get any output. In the input side, camera has an analog output also, which is correctly displays in the TV. Can we connect thie analog out from DAC to the BNC connector of TV?? 

One more thing, our camera is giving 14 bit digital and the DAC input is only 10 bit. So we taken the input from D0 to D9 only. Is there any problem in this?? Circuit diagram of the board is given below

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Nov 20, 2020 in reply to deljones +1 verified

Let's check a couple of things

1) PSAVE and PDOWN are pulled high.

2)What format does the camera output data in?  Just straight black and white or some kind of color 422?

3) Does the camera output the…