ADV7611 - 640x480p 30Hz and 600x600p @30Hz support


I wanted a 640x480p @30Hz input video resolution for my application. I have the required video timing parameters and have generated the EDID for the same. When I probe the signals in FPGA using ILA I am observing that the video from the ADV7611 gives 1200+ data valid (data enable) for a single line. The expected data valid is 640 (as per standard video timing). I tried 640x480 @60Hz and it was giving proper data i.e. 640 valids per line. Hence am not sure if ADV7611 supports 640x480p @30Hz. Similar behavior is observed for 600x600 @30Hz. Could you let me know if 640x480p @30Hz and 600x600p @30Hz resolutions are supported by ADV7611. If yes can you share the register settings for the same.

Thank you,