Video overlay of hundreds of "small" bitmaps (~100 X 100 pixels) on a 1080p hdmi

I have a binary bitmap to be used as a display for a monitor that will drive a digital micromirror display (DMD) over an HDMI input.  The DMD chip is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

Initially, the pixel bitmap will be all zero (= all mirrors in the "off" position on the DMD).

Roughly 10 times per second, I want to overlay a new bitmap consisting of roughly 100 duplicate pixel arrays (say ~100X100 pixels each) each with a different XY center.  All pixels are either 0 or 1 at all times and the size/shape of this replicated unit can be predefined.

I need to use an existing bus that I have (USB, SPI, or I2C) in an effort to avoid an FPGA or a similar approach needing firmware development (e.g., Cypress FX3 or similar).

I don't want to use a built-in monitor (e.g., HDMI or DisplayPort) for streaming the images, but I could constantly project a black background (1920 X 1080 again) over an HMDI monitor as an input stream to an overlay IC needed.

I see that the ADV8005 may be able to do something like this, but can it handle the on-the-fly nature of the 100X100 bitmaps that I want to display?

Other approaches welcome (aside from FPGA of FX3 type stuff) Slight smile