Hi, Now the VGA to HDMI board AD9984A+ADV7513 generates DE by setting the ADV7513 registers 0x35~0x3A,matching the input video resolution with VESA Standards to set these registers.

For example,if the input video resolution is 1080p,I set DE Generation registers according to the H Front Porch、Hor Sync Time、V Front Porch、Ver Sync Time in the VESA Standards table.

So if the input video format is somewhat different with VESA Standards(HSync / VSync Frequency deviation),the output video would be out of shape or move. Could you provide some help or suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 5, 2020 11:08 AM


    Recommended settings for DE and Sync generation and adjustment will be available at ADV7511W Programming Guide. Please refer table 25 - Pagr47 for DE and HSync/Vsync Generation Common Format Settings in ADV7511W programming guide
    Please crosscheck your sync adjustment configuration with below attached settings also.
    The writes to address 72 are the 7511 writes. This file contains many different configuration options including separate sync and embedded sync formats.

    Note: DE and Sync generation or adjustment and the settings are dependent on the video input, So these settings are intended to be used as a starting point.  Some adjustments may be required from these settings to achieve a CEA861 compatible output.