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HDMI Instant switching


I have a customer looking for "a two input, one output HDMI seamless switcher" i.e. closest possible instant switching between inputs.  They are looking at the Lattice (Silicon Image) Sil9396/7 family but there is a delay between outputs. Can you advise what I could recommend for this application. I saw the older post on the ADV7626, so I thought I would reach out to you. 



  • There are several causes to switching delay

    1) Sink locking to new video stream.  medium delay

    2) The device switching between sources, normally related to PLL locking to new source on the switch event. short delay

    3) HDCP re-authentication when switching from one source to another (topology changes).  long delay

    Of these the HDCP is usually the slowest one to happen.

    The ADV7623 has fast port switching (XpressView).  Basically it maintains an HDCP link authenticated on both input ports, it can switch without having to re-authenticate.

    Normally when switching occurs the screen will go to black.

    I am not familiar with the SI parts.

    When you say a delay between switches, how long is this delay?

    All three delays can add up.

  • Hi Guenter,

    Thanks for the quick reply. The customer needs to spend some time on understanding the time delay. They also will not be streaming motion picture content, but I still think they are required to have HDCP. Is that correct?

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