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Does adv7513 support 720p30 YCbCr4:2:2 input format and convert to 720p60 output format?

Dear ADI,

    We have a custom board, the input of adv7513 is a camera and parameters as below:

        Solution: 1280*720

        Frame rate: 30fps

        Data format: YCbCr4:2:2 8-bit 720p30

        Sync: External HSYNC and VSYNC, no DE

    I'd like to know how to config adv7513 registers to match it and output standard HDMI 720p60 signal to show the video on normal HDMI TV?

Thanks & Best Regards!


  • Hi,

    ADV7513 cannot convert frame rates from 30Hz to 60Hz.  For that Please look at the ADV8005 for format conversion

    Following VSP features are supported in ADV8005.



  • Hi Poornima,

       Thank you very much! By the way, how to config the HDMI output to 720p30 in this case?

       We tried below setting to config adv7513, but the HDMI was no signal output. Could you please help to review what is the wrong of it?


    uint8_t ADV7513_YUV_Init_Table2[]=
      0x41,0x10,  //power up

     //Fixed Reg that must be set on Power Up
     0x98, 0x03,
     0x9a, 0xe0,
     0x9c, 0x30,
     0x9d, 0x61,
     0xa2, 0xa4,
     0xa3, 0xa4,
     0xe0, 0xd0,
     0xf9, 0x00,
     //Set up the video input/output mode
     0x15, 0x03, //0000 0011 //Input Video Format ID 3 //YCbCr4:2:2 8-bits Separate Syncs
     0x16, 0x3a, //0011 1010 //Output Format4:4:4, Color Depth:8bits,
                                            //Input Style:style1, DDR Edge:rising edge,Output Colorspace:RGB
     0x17, 0x43, //0100 0011 //Vsync: low polarity, Hsync:high polarity,
                                             //Aspect ratio of Input video 16:9, DE Generator Enable: enabled
     0x18, 0x86,//CSC enable,

     0x3b,0xd4, //Enable Manual Pixel Repetition with clk multiplied by 4 and pixel repeated by 4
     0x3c,0x00,//VIC Format Unavailable
     0x35,0x03,//HS DELAY 13 pixels
     0x36,0x48,//VS DELAY 8 lines
     0x37,0x0A,//Active Width 1280 pixels
     0x39,0x2d,//Active height 720 lines

     0xAF, 0x06, //HDMI Mode Select, HDCP Disabled
     0xFB, 0x06,  //Low Refresh Rate 30Hz
     0xFF //end of table


    Thanks & Best Regards

  • Hi,

    Please make sure with below table for pin assignment according to your configuration. Also let us know why you have configured for 4x pixel clock instead of 2x clock.

    Basically the setting are based on pixel rates.  The 720p60 setting should work fine for 720p30. The various 7511 scripts can be found in the AVES3_folder here
    Advantiv EVAL-ADV7612-7511 Video Evaluation Board

    We don't have a specific script for the ADV7513 running 720p30 over an 8-bit bus however these scripts are for the ADV7511 which is the same die as the ADV7513.

  • Hi Poornima,

         Our HW connection as below.(D8~D15 8-bit, Input ID 3, style1)


     reg0x3b=0xd4 maybe is wrong, we also tried to remove reg0x3b setting, the result is same, no signal output.

    And, it's still no signal output when we tried the 720p50 script  as below.

    :720p50 16-bit bus embedded syncs
    72 15 02 ; input id = 2 422
    72 16 79 ; 8 bits, Style 1
    72 48 00 ; even adjust
    72 17 01 ; gen de
    72 48 00 ; evenly justified,
    ;; Enable 7511 sync regenerators
    ;; reference Table 33,34,35
    72 30 6E
    72 31 02
    72 32 80
    72 33 14
    72 34 05
    72 35 40
    72 36 D9
    72 37 0A
    72 38 00
    72 39 2D
    72 3A 00
    72 D7 6E
    72 D8 02
    72 D9 80
    72 DA 14
    72 DB 05
    72 DC 00
    72 DD 00
    72 FA 00
    72 FB 00

    1. Does any other register setting we need to consider or check?

    2. Can adv7513 output test pattern to HDMI even no signal input via data line?

    Thanks & Best Regards!

  • Hi,

     Could you please crosscheck your schematic under 6318.ADV7511W_Eval_Sch_revA.pdf

     Please let us know your Rx ? ADV7513 is HDMI transmitter and it does not have test pattern generator.But HDMI Receivers ADV7611/ADV7619/ ADV7612 with ADV7511 HDMI transmitter will produce default color output in free Run mode.



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