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(ADV7380)EX_LF resistor and capacitor value


Our customer is asking about EXT_LF specification.

There is no specification at the datasheet.

But I asked about this at past.

(ADV7390)EXT_LF resister 

But I want to make sure.


What is the specification for 12nF and 150nF and 170Ω?

12nF   ± ??%  

150nF ± ??%  

170Ω   ± ??%  

12nF   ± 10%  

150nF ± 10%  

170Ω   ± 5%

are OK? 


If our customer change the resistor and capacitor , how can they check that the value is correct?

Which kind of test should they do?

Also our customer want to know this as soon as possible so if you can help about this , it would help our customer.

Best regards


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