(ADV748x)Can ADV748x support TDM, I2S ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1CH, 24bits?

Hi !

I have a question about ADV748x.

Our customer want to use 

  • I2S ,TDM ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1Ch, 24bits

At the hardware manual,

It says ADV748x can support 2 channel = 32kHz and 8 channel = 48kHz.

And 5.1Ch means 6 channel .

So if our customer use ADV748x with 6 channel , it can support up to 64kHz.

So I think ADV748x cannot support,

  • I2S ,TDM ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1Ch, 24bits

Is my understanding correct?

Best regards