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(ADV7612)Can ADV7612 support TDM, I2S ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1CH, 24bits?

Hi !

I have a question about ADV7612.

I already asked about this but we don't have IEC standard manual so please help us.

Our customer want to use 

  • I2S ,TDM ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1Ch, 24bits

I asked about this at past

(ADV7612)Can ADV7612 ouput High-Resolution Audio with I2S? 

But I didn't asked how high can ADV7612 when our customer want to use 6 channel.

Can ADV7612 support 

  • I2S ,TDM ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1Ch, 24bits ?

Best regards