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ADV7281-M odd frame, even frame information in CSI2


I'm using the ADV7281-M for analog rear view camera.

The ADV7281-M does not contain the I2P block so I did the following processing at the application to make one analog camera image.

odd frame(720x254) + even frame(720x253) = one frame(720x507)

I verify that the odd frame and even frame are comming on every 16ms.

So The combined frame will show on display every 33ms.

The current issue is that there are some jagging defect are happen from time to some time.

I think that the main reason was the sequence of the odd frame and even frame.

My application consider that the first frame would be always odd frame.

So If the first frame was even frame, The result of the combined image will show some jagging defect.

To solve my issue, I want to know that how to set the odd frame and even frame information at the CSI2.

Does the ADV7281-M send the the embedded data at the CSI2? 

I want to know how to get the information of this frame is odd or even at the CSI2.

Plz help me. 


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