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ADN4605 End of Life?


I'm using ADN4605 and we're in the production stage, in the product page in section "Product Lifecycle" the part is Recommended for new Designs, but in the same page in the PDN section there's a document with last time buy 22/12/2017.

So I'm confused, I will be able to buy the same part next year or the part will be discontinued after 22/12/2017?

This information is really important as there's not a replacement part and we've to decide if necessary to buy a stock of devices.

Thank you for your support


I see what you are talking about.  As far as I know the ADN4605 is still a good part.  Let me do some investigation on this.

  • Here's a statement from the product line manager

    We are NOT obsoleting the ADN4605. The PDN is incorrect and misleading. We are fully supporting this product and plan to for the long term. 


    That being said the wire-bonded SBGA package that is used to assemble the ADN4605 is being discontinued by our supplier. We have purchased two years worth of package inventory to support our customers while we develop a new laminate-based package that is supported by our new vendor. The new package is being designed to ensure a seemless transition for our customers. It will have the same pin out and dimensions. We will provide a PCN notice to our customers once we are in a position to switch them over, but this will not be for at least two years. In the meantime, they can continue to order the product as they have and there will be no disruption to the supply chain. 


    We are issuing a new PDN notification removing the ADN4605 and the AD8152 to elevate customers concerns. 


    In summary, there is no change in status to the ADN4605 and the customers can continue to use the part in there production platforms for a long time to come. 

  • Hi GuenterL,

    thank you for the information, now it's clear.

    Best Regards