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(ADV7612)Can ADV7612 support I2S ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1CH, 24bits?

Hi !

I have some questions about ADV7612.


I already understood ADV7612 can not support TDM.

(ADV7612)Can ADV7612 support TDM, I2S ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1CH, 24bits? 

But  how about if our customer don't use TDM.

Can ADV7612 support 96kHz, 5.1Ch, 24bits?


At this thread, I already understood ADV7612 can support 8Ch maximum.

(ADV7611)Can ADV7611 sent 7.1ch audio with I2S? 

But I want to make sure what is the highest frequency when our customer use I2S.

For example, ADV7480 can support to 12.288MHz.

(ADV748x)Can ADV748x support TDM, I2S ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1CH, 24bits? 

=>(8 slots x 32 bits x 48 kHz = 12.288 MHz)

I think ADV7612 will use 32-bits total package size.

So, the maximum frequency should be "2 slots * 32bits * ??kHz = ??MHz"

But I couldn't search I2S port maximum frequency.

Can you tell me the maximum frequency value?

Can ADV7612 handle 96kHz?

Best regards


  • Hi Matt-san

    Thank you for your reply.

    I understood what you said.

    Our customer want to use uncompressed audio.

    I was proposing ADV7480 but ADV7480 can not support 96kHz 5.1Ch.

    So maybe ADV7612 is better solution for my customer.

    Thanks again.

    Best regards


  • Hi Kawa-san,

    It's important to clarify with the customer whether they are asking about uncompressed audio or compressed audio. I will assume they are asking about uncompressed audio.

    With regards to your Q1, it is my understanding that ADV7612 can receive/output uncompressed audio in 8 channels up to 192KHz. So I think 8 channels, uncompressed, 96KHz, should be no problem. But it is good for you to verify on the evaluation board.

    With regards to your Q2, it is important to understand that ADV7612 and ADV748x are very different devices. ADV748x outputs video and audio using Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Camera Serial Interface 2 (CSI-2) transmitters. However, ADV7612 outputs video and audio signals directly as CMOS/TTL signals.

    In summary, I think ADV7612 should be able to receive/output 8 channels, uncompressed, 192KHz with no problem.