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The issue about capturing CVBS/S-Video of ADV7850

Dear Sir,

  In my design of ADV7850 is that CVBS/S-Video capture in and output to HDMI. It could capture a clearly video but has some issue listed below,

1. two pixel error in right two column (shown in Fig. 1): This issue sometimes happens but not always. The correct video is shown in Fig. 1b, the error video is shown in Fig.1a

2. The top image has been cut about 2~4 line. It seems the ADV7850 capture active video has several lines delay. It always happen.

Note 1: the video source is sent from Video pattern generator. The same issue also happen in DVD player source.

Note 2: the test is run script 1 & script 2, CVBS and S-Video has the same issue. Script file is get in ADI website and has no any modified. (ADV7850ES2-Ver.3.08d_AVEB.txt)

Fig1. a

Fig1. b

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