ADV7180 Application with 3 CVBS Inputs

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My project using ADV7180 with 3 CVBS INPUTS is designed for BUS in-door monitor; I have 3 questions during my design debug:

1,  ADV7180 with 3 CVBS INPUTS and single digital output interface, can I have a method to display the 3 input videos at my LCD monitor at the same time ? or just only switch to one of the input video to display ?

2, my output video color at LCD monitor is incorrent: blue and red color  are just inverted; pls show me which register to adjust the color ?

3, my project works well with 64us  cycle input video signal ; but is not able to identify HDTV input signal with 36us cycle ; 

  does ADV7180 just support standard definition TV signal  ?

Many TKS~

PIC_1: INPUT VIDEO SIGNAL at 64us cycle

PIC_2: HDTV INPUT  SIGNAL at 36us cycle

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 3, 2020 10:56 AM


    1. Yes, ADV7180 is possible only to switch input signal. To switch to another analog input with single ended CVBS (e.g. Ain2),
    you merely need to change the INSEL register. (User Map, register 0x00).
    Note: The ADV7180 can only decode one video stream at a time, but it cannot do contains a single ADC. So it can only process one analog video source at a time
    If this is your requirement,you would require a part with multiple video decoders if you need to process multiple video streams simultaneously.

    2. The ordering of components, for example, Cr vs. Cb for Channel A, Channel B, and Channel C can be changed.
    See the SWPC, Swap Pixel Cr/Cb, Address 0x27[7] section Table 100 indicates the default positions for the Cr/Cb components. Also refer color control section in ADV7180 datasheet.

    3. Yes, since ADV7180 maximum clock support upto 86MHZ. Analog video input channels can accept standard composite, S-Video, or component video signals, supporting a wide range of consumer video sources..



  • Does Analog Devices has a part with multiple video decoders ? I need 3 video decoders for 3 PAL cameras

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 30, 2021 10:58 AM in reply to Josele


    ADI does not make a device with multiple active decoders.

    Please note that There are other devices out there with multiple decoders targeted to the video surveillance market.  They can decode multiple NTSC signals but output them on a single compressed pixel port.  We don't remember specific devices but if you do some searches you can find them".



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