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ADV7623 get Multiple VSI(Vendor Specific InfoFrame)?


I want to know ADV7623 function.

ADV7623 get Multiple VSI(Vendor Specific InfoFrame)?

Some HDMI Source send some VSI(Vendor Specific InfoFrame) in 1 Frame.

I want to get some VSI.

ANALOG DEVICES product:ADV7610 gets Multiple VSI.

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  • Hi,

     If a new valid Vendor Specific Infoframe packet arrives, it will overwrite the previous packet stored in the storage registers.
    One workaround that we can think of would be to try programming two sets of infoframe storage registers to
    receive Vendor Specific Infoframes and when VS_INFO_RAW triggers, change the packet type value header of one of them to an invalid header type.
    If this is done fast enough, you might be able to keep the first packet received in that set of storage registers,
    while the other one will have the new packet. It is not something we have done before, so we cannot guarantee it will work.
    But it is worth you giving it a try to see if that works.
    Note: For information about setting up the InfoFrame packet see section 8.2.3 of the HDMI 1.4a Specification.