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About ADV7850


    I have an issue about ADV7850, symptom as described below:

   Now we utilize ADV7850 to develop a ADC to HDMI Box (VGA, YPbPr, S-Vide0, CVBS input), and we have designed our board and follow our distributor to fill the register but we can't display our image correctly. Phenomenon as below:

1. In some timing (such as 1920x1080 VGA) , we can't see the far left 1 pixel, but if we move the picture to right, this pixel still disappear and also the far right 1 pixel disappear.

2 in some timing,  we can't see the top 1 pixel but if we move the picture to downward, this pixel still disappear and the far bottom 1 pixel will also disappear.

Could you help us which register we can adjust to correct this issue.



  • Hi,

    This type of issue might be caused by the H & V sync width and placement in relationship to the active video.You can tweak to the sync pulses relative to the input sync pulses and active video. Start with sdp_hs_beg_adj, sdp_hs_end_adj and sdp_hs_width registers to move the HSync around.Same applies to the VSync for cutting off lines.

    There are ways to move the VS/Hs edges like register start_vs and end_vs but theses only move the edges by +-8 lines.
    Generally you do not have to do this either since the source will generate the correct VS and HS signals.
    And Also try to adjust the data enable bit de_h_end,de_h_start,de_v_start[5:0],de_v_end[5:0]

    Note : The conversion between, Analog to HDMI, a DE signal needs to be generated and it should transmitted with the HDMI data.
    The ADV7850 generates a DE signal based on the HS and VS input timing. If for any reason, this is non-standard , the DE output may be nonstandard also.