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ADV7611 interface to ADV7343

Hi Team, 

We are working on analog video conversion from HDMI input resolution of 1080p.

In the previous design for Analog Conversion (CVBS and S-video), we have used FPGA because of the ADV7343 input config.  We need to downscale the resolution of about 720x570 to give input to ADV7343. 

Also, We have seen the evaluation kit.

Here they have used an HDMI input to ADV7611---> Parallel data to ADV7343.

will you say what is a resolution that is used as input to ADV7611 and the Output of the ADV7611 will support the Input to ADV7343? or we need to use and video scalar in between a ADV7611 and ADV7343.?



  • Hi,

      ADV7611 has maximum clock support upto165Mhz,But ADV7343 maximum clock is 74.25Mhz,So it can support only upto 1080p30.

      None of our receivers do scaling.You can look into ADV8005/8003 video signal processor which does scaling as well as frame rate conversation.

      And also ADV8003 provide support for composite (CVBS), S-Video (Y-C), and component (YPrPb/RGB) analog outputs in standard definition (SD), enhanced definition (ED), or high definition (HD) video formats.



  • Hi, 

    For CVBS and Y/C, ADV7343 supports only lower resolution input ( of about 525i or 625i) of about 30fps. we cannot able to used 1080p as input to ADV7343. is correct?

    Will you please refer to the Evaluation kit.

    Here they have given an HDMI input to ADV7611 and this parallel data output to ADV7343. here they are providing the analog output. We need to know the input resolution of ADV7611 and the input resolution of ADV7343. 

     We are ready to bye the evaluation kit of ADV7611. When we know the input resolution and FPS.

    Now, in the current design, we have downscale the video 1080p 60fps to 525i 30fps using FPGA and given to ADV7343.