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AD9381 interlaced output


I am using the AD9381 as an evaluation front end device for a deinterlacer I run on a FPGA.

The video input is YUV 480i from a DVD, transmitted over HDMI.

I set the AD9381 control register 0x25 = 0x76:

[7:6] = 01 - 1x pixel clock.

[5:4] = 11 - high output drive strength.

[3:2] = 01 - 4:2:2 YCbCr.

[1] = 1 - primary output enable.

[0] = 0 - secondart output enable.

I expect to see pin 84 (OEF) indicating active field, but its output is always low during the whole frames. I thus conclude that the output is not interlaced, but progressive.

What's the correct setup for interlaced outptu?


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