HDMI to CVBS convert using EVAL-ADV7610EBZ

I purchased EVAL-ADV7610EBZ.
I'm trying to confirm the operation to convert HDMI to CVBS.
However, HDMI input video cannot be output to CVBS.
In EVAL-ADV7610EBZ, conversion may be performed by the following route.
 PC(Video)-> HDMI-> ADV7610-> ADV7341-> CVBS
As a first step, I tried to display the color bar but it is not also displayed.
I referenced to the ADV7340 / ADV7341 data sheet P82.

In this board, CLKIN_A is supplied from the ADV7610, but does not match 27 MHz.
So I changed LLC_DLL_PHASE [4:0] register 0x19 of ADV7610, but the clock did not change.

Please advice me in this situation.
Is there an example script for HDMI to CVBS conversion using EVAL-ADV7610EBZ?

The conversion by PC-> HDMI-> ADV7610-> ADV7511-> HDMI is converted correctly.