ADV7619 unexpected pulses on parallel video timing signals

We are having troubles with receiving valid video timing from the ADV7619 but only when configured for 4Kp30 resolution. We have been using these parts for years without issue at FHD and now at 4K. And However there are times when the timing show issues after the input video is switched. We did some searching around and found this topic on the ADI Engineer Zone: ADV7619 VSYNC output issue (Link below)

Here are screen shoots of the issues we observe on the HDMI receiver parallel video output interface:


 Here is the full topic just for reference:



Could someone to respond with:

  1. Any further description or support for this issue if it is a known issue?
  2. Descriptions of the undocumented settings that were recommended in other forum link?
  3. Does the ADI7619 also have a 4K software package we can reference or migrate to our design?


 Thank you,