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AD8109 AD8108 Configuration, Sample code location.

I am having troubles getting the AD8108 to wakeup.  Looks to be pretty strait forward...  Where can I find the software that ships with the demo board?  Or is there possibly some sample code available?  I am using the part in parallel loading mode.

  • The software for the eval board works only in serial mode. Our thinking is that the major feature of the part is the analog paths, and we provide just one control method as a convenience to easily establish the analog path connections for analysis.

    There are actually two versions of the software. The original software developed at the release of the part was done for the Win95 operating system which was the latest MSFT O/S at the time. We provided a custom cable that connected the the PC printer (parallel) port on one end, and a 6-pin "Molex" connector on the eval board side. This software was not compatible with later MSFT O/Ss. Note that even though we use the "parallel" port on a PC, the control mode to the DUT was serial.

    The current control method updates the former is several ways. First, we did not want to change the board design. Next, we wanted to get away from the parallel port and use the USB port. To do this, we developed a small interface board whose heart is a PIC uP. This connects to a PC's USB port with a standard cable and uses a custom cable to connect to the existing control connector on the eval board. This board is quite universal and it works across the whole family of our early crosspoint switches with the same cables. Furthermore, the circuit on this board is designed directly into many other of our eval boards for control. It is also capable of interfacing between USB and I2C.

    I have attached the application software that we use for this latter method. It is written in Python. There is no "install" process. Just put all the files in one folder and run the application. Working within the application is very intuitive.

    I can also help in other ways with your problem, but I have to know more about what you are actually trying to do. Can you provide more details?

  • Thanks for the prompt reply.  I actually just got the chip working the other day...

    My main problems were my code and the operation of the UPDATE pin was a little confusing.    While working on the code, I was primarily looking at the detailed internal drawing (Figure 4, Logic Diagram) to understand how the digital control worked.  This view does not show the function of the UPDATE pin.  In this diagram, it shows the CE pin qualifying CLK and RESET only.  After some frustration, I noticed Figure 1 (Functional Diagram) and it shows CE as a qualifier to UPDATE also.

    Anyway, if I would have compared both diagrams I would have been up and running fast. 

    Thanks.  The switch appears to be working properly.

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