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ADV7623 no documents

I am an engineer in a small company asked to look into designing HDMI products. It has been a very daunting task to attempt with Silicone Images policy of "pay us up front before your company makes one dollar of profit" Naturally my company scoffs at such an incredible outlay of funds before one item is even designed! Needless to say getting chip documents has been almost impossible. Being a small company that is not well known, all requests to obtain design data on ADV7623 and SiI9389 have been basically laughed at. We are willing to sign a NDA but neither comapny has offered to let us sign. Neither will send me the needed information, sort of in a pickle. My bosses are getting very impatient and don't want to hear excuses from me any more. Kind of in between giant corporate rules and a hard place. Is the ADV7623 part of military satelite lazer weapons or something? What can I do? Would kind of like to keep my job.

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