[ADV7343] External SYNC output pins in case of SD video.


I have a question about ADV7343.

It has some SYNC pins, which are S_HSYNC(I/O), S_VSYNC(I/O), P_HSYNC(I) and P_VSYNC(I).
When ED/HD video is handled, I think we can use P_HSYNC and P_VSYNC for the external sync input and S_HSYNC and S_VSYNC for the external sync output.

In case of SD video, can the sync pins also be used for both of input and output?
If it can be done, could you tell me how to use the sync pins for that?
Or when we want to handle SD video and use the external sync output pins, do we have to use embedded syncs(EAV/SAV) input?

Thank you!
Best regards.

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