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ADA4432-1 IC as a video receiver amplifier

I'm using ADA4432-1 op-amp as video output driver to the load for Video DAC IC ADV7393. Can I use the same IC as video signal receiver amplifier? I'm trying to receive PAL CVBS signals from external connector onto our board. If yes, do I need external filters to remove noise?

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  • The ADA4432 can be use as a video buffer along with other op-amps as long as they have enough bandwidth and you handle any video offset issues.

    The Video signal output from the DAC will always be above ground so the ADA4432 only needs 0-3.3V rails.  To use the ADA4432 on the B2B inputs you must make sure the video is always above ground else you will have to AC-couple the B2B video.  The ADV3222 already runs from +-5V rails so it's not a problem

    Other op-amps like the AD8055 run from +-5V rails and B2B AC-coupling would not be needed.

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