ADV7626 as 3D image splitter

I would like to implement a 3D binocular stereoscopy application.
Can I use ADV7626 to split one image frame into 2 separate image frames?

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    on Feb 12, 2020 5:27 PM in reply to im@hmad

    3D streams have 2 images packed in one frame, either side-by-side, top-bottom or interlaced.  Reference HDMI 1.4b spec.  What you want to do is split the separate images in one 3D frame into 2 separate streams then display these split streams onto 2 different displays.

    Two images in one frame is called a 3D frame.  The ADV7626 can output two identical streams, it cannot extract the packed images and output each on a different output channel.  No ADI devices can unpack a 3D stream into separate 2D streams.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'split a 2D image'.  The ADV7626 can generate 2 streams but they would be identical.  To get a true stereoscopic display the separated images must be different.

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