ADV7611 register map

Hi Guys,

        One of my customer finds that the ADV7611 has a jitter problem at the resolution of 1920*1200@60HZ. But this can be fixed by setting the register as below:

         0x68 0x9D 0x02(default) ---> 0x68 0x9D 0x0F(custom


    However, we don’t have any released documents to illustrate the meaning of this register. (No illustrations in ADV7611 SOFTWARE MANUAL.PDF and ADV7611 Register Settings Recommendations.PDF. I only have these two documents. )

         So the customer is asking for us the clearly definition and illustration of these registers. Do we have some other documents to answer the customer questions?

         Or do we have some explanations of the equalizer settings which I can share with the customer?

       The customer also finds that if he adjust the settings of the value of 0x68 0x8e more and 0x24 or less than 0x16, the issue also can be solved. Shown as blow.

            0x68 0x8e 0x1e(ADI recommended) -----> 0x68 0x8e 0x24(or more)

            0x68 0x8e 0x1e(ADI recommended) -----> 0x68 0x8e 0x16(or less)



     however, we don't have much information about this register either. the customer also wants to know more about these registers and what is the "dynamic mode range".



Yosen Bian