NO Digital output from ADV7393 encoder via ADV739x EVM

Hi Team,

Can someone help me in routing an external video source(digital) from ADV739x EVM to the ADV7393 encoder output.

We gave an 8-bit BT.656 data from a camera board to the expansion port of the evaluation board with ATV benchtop running "AUTODETECT NTSC/PAL/SECAM 10-Bit 422 out through encoder" script. We've got a partial output on the display with flickering and wavering. It seems that it's due to lack of HSYNC and VSYNC, but with BT.656 standard, it's not needed as the timing codes(EAV/SAV) are already embedded with the data pixels, so it checks out. So what's the exact problem as to why we're not getting the output? What are the registers that are to be addressed to route the digital input data from the expansion port to the encoder output?