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AD9889 and 1080p30 Problem


I am using an AD9889, sucessfully transmitting 720p60 signal.

Now I tried to send 1080p30. The Video Timing is set according to CEA-861-D (verified with a scope)

The PLL is locked and I can verify the AD9889 is sending clock and data.

The AD9889 correctly recognizes the format as VIC 34, and also claims that it sends this code to the TV.

However the TV says: "Invalid Format"   (as opposed to "No Signal", which it displays when i try to send 720p30 CEA-861-E)

According to the EDID the TV supports 1080p30, VIC 34  ( it does not list 720p30 in the EDID).

720p60, 1080p30 and 720p30 all use the same videoclock of 74,25MHz.

I am not using HDCP.

Has anyone an idea why this happens ?

Is there, maybe,  anything on the ASD9889 to be setup differently for 720 vs. 1080 or 60vs 30 fps ?

Many Thanx