ADV7179 Colour bar mode problem

I have some problem with ADV7179 Colour bar mode. I set the MR17 bit

Setting this bit did not change anything. I can not get anything out of ADV7179. I use the subcarrier frequency register set provided in the datasheet for PAL B/D/G/H/I (FSC = 4.43361875 MHz). I use CVBS on DAC B.

Here is the procedure I use: Power> toggle reset pin>transfer register datas via I2C by microBlaze CPU> toggle TR07 bit by sending TR0 data via I2C 2 times(first TR07=1, the second TR07=0). and I get nothing on the screen. Please provide a extact register set for colorbar test and extact timing for reset times. There is no problem with hardware since it is provided by xilinx. Here are the output waveforms of the DAC B on osciloscope:

Here is the register data I used:

(first I send 0x00 for address register, then I send these datas cont.)

Mode Register 0 = 0x65h

Mode Register 1 = 0x11h

Mode Register 2 = 0x00h

Mode Register 3 = 0x0Ch

Mode Register 4 = 0x22h

RESERVED = 0x00h

RESERVED = 0x00h

Timing Register 0 = 0x01h  (TR07=1)

Timing Register 1 = 0x00h

Subcarrier Frequency Register 0 = 0xCBh

Subcarrier Frequency Register 1 = 0x8Ah

Subcarrier Frequency Register 2 = 0x09h

Subcarrier Frequency Register 3 = 0x2Ah

Subcarrier Phase Register and the rest of them = 0x00

After sending these datas, I send TR0 againg for toggling TR07 bit: I first send 0x07 for address of TR0 and then 0x81 (TR07=1), then I send 0x07 for address of TR0 and 0x01 (TR07=0).

Is there any problem?

Is there any problem with transmitting RESERVED register datas with 0x00? Or I should program the first 5 registers and generate and STOP condition, and after that sen the address=0x07 to point to the TR0 and then send the remaining register datas?

These information are not provided in the datasheet, and there is NO application note for this device!

Please Help.

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