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AD9889B chip revision

Hi, all

What is a difference between AD9889B chip revision [00010000] and [00000000]?

Can we use same settings of AD9889B registers for each devices?

Could you please let us know a difference?

Thank you


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I'm working on it now.  I'll get back as soon as I find any information.

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    The AD9889 and AD9889A are not recommended for new designs.  I've attached the difference document for the parts.

  • GuenterL-san,

    Thank you for your support. I understand the difference.


  • Hell, we developed a firmware on the chip revision 0 of AD9889B.

    But we can not get revision 0 of AD9889B any more. we can get revision 1 of AD9889B instead of revision 0.

    Therefore we want to know whether we can use the firmware which was developed on revision 0 for revision 1 or not.

    Could you please let us know your idea for our concern?

    Thank you


  • Hello,

    There aren't any register changes that would change your firmware that I can see.  Just make sure the "ADI Recommended Writes" from the programming guide are the ones you are using.


  • Hello, Thank you for your reply.

    Once more again, I would like to know Chip Revision of AD9889B.

    We want to know which is correct default value.
    The read out data was captured with the device of date code #1116.

    AD9889B     AD9889B     AD9x89B
    register    read out    Proguramming
    address     data        Guide RevA

    Main                    Default value   Register name

    0x00        0x00        0x10            Chip Revision
    0x3B        0x80        0x00 or 0x80    Audio Sampling Frequency Select
    0x94        0xC4        0x00            Interrupt Enable
    0xCF        0x70        0x70 or 0xE0    Packet Memory Map

    Could you please let us know answers for the following queries?

    a) We want to know whether real device of which Chip Revision number is 1 exist or not.
       Does the device of Chip Revision 1 exist?

       We think the device which we dumped is latest device. Because the date code is a  recent date.
       According to the Programming guide RevA, Chip Revision number of latest device should be 1.
       This situation has confused me.

    b) We want to clarify which default value is correct.
       Could you please let us know your idea for the default value?

       The difference of default value on "AD9x89B_Programming_Guide_RevA.pdf"

       Main Register Map
       Address 0x3B:
       Default vale: 0x80 on Page 27, 0x00 on Page 75

       Main Register Map
       Address 0xCF:
       Default vale: 0x70 on Page 12, 0xE0 on Page 86


  • Hello,

    How exactly is the part marked on the outside.  Revision should be 0x2 for a real AD9889B.


  • Dear DaveD,

    I'm using an AD9889BBSTZ-165,But I found value of R0x00(revision of the chip) is 0X00 by reading from AD9889B through I2C inteface!

    What's wrong with it?

  • Hello,

    The programming guide has actually been updated and the 0x2 was wrong-- 0x0 is correct. The documentation was updated in December but didn't make it up here for some reason.  I'll go update it now.


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