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Adjusting Hue in Video decoders and HDMI receivers


How does hue adjusting works?



  • Hi,

    Hue adjustment is done on YCrCb data stream;

    It can be done in CP-core by:

    • Enabling video adjustmnets (VID_ADJ_EN, CP-core, 0x3E[7] in ADV7611/2/9)
    • Setting hue to desired value (CP_HUE, CP-core, 0x3D[7:0] in ADV7611/2/9)

    Cb_out = Cb*cos(hue) + Cr*sin(hue)

    Cr_out = Cr*cos(hue) - Cb*sin(hue)

    I'm attaching example spreadsheet with rotation calculated from measured video

    stream. 8-bit YCrCb 444 stream used with EVAL-ADV7611EB1Z.

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