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ADV7612 register settings

I have three documents that I am trying to reconcile

-          Hardware User Guide UG-216 – Rev 0

-          ADV7612 SOFTWARE MANUAL, Pr0, May  2010

-          ADV7612 Register Settings Recommendations. Rev 1.1,  November 2010

  In the register settings  recommendations, there is a recommendation for initializing the device. It  appears that none of these registers are documented in the software manual. Are  there newer versions of these documents? Is there a documented set of values  that you can provide?

Thanks Greg

  • Hello Greg,

    Some of the registers are used only for design and debug purposes.

    We normally don't disclose registers listed in Recommended Settings

    Document as those registers should never be modified to values

    other than recommended. They are basically for design purposes.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Vito,

    I think the concern here is that the ADV7612 Register Settings Recommendations. Rev 1.1, November 2010, lists HDMI registers at addresses 0x57, 0x58, 0x6F, 0x85, and 0x87.  In the software manual the table does not have a register described at any of these locations.  It implies that there is no register at the location.  One would expect that the software manual would list this registers as "reserved" -  if they exist and must be programmed, but have only design and debug functions which are not going to be revealed to the customer.  However, since the RSR document suggests these register must be programmed to set the part correctly in HDMI mode, and they don't exist in the Software manual, one would tend to believe that the RSR register listing is in error. It could be that I/O registers are meant instead of HDMI map registers.  Can you confirm that the RSR register addresses and recommendations are correct?  If so, then why do these registers not appear in the software manual?



  • Hi Tim,

    You brought important point into this discussion. We thought

    about listing reserved registers in a Software Manual, but

    we realised that it would be a really large document that

    is hard to read. This is the reason why we did not list all of

    registers there.

    I would like to confirm also that Registers listed in

    Recommended Settings Document are correct.



  • vito,


    Thanks for the response.  It is helpful for us to know this.   I have

    another related question from our customer about this part:


    Is there another document containing the preferred initialization for

    the device for RGB 4:4:4 carriage?


    Can you help us with an answer for this as well? 


    Thank you,

  • Hi TimS,

    Good question. We normally provide scripts on our design support files sites.

    You can find them here:

    as a package: under the table.

    This zip file is build in a way to support XRC - our PC software tool for evaluation.

    zip file contains following structure:

    In zip we have files like:

    ADV7612.xml - is an XML file containing list of registers for an XRC (XRC = our PC interface/software tool for evaluation boards).

    board_info.txt - is another XML file used only by an XRC

    ADV7612-VER.2.9c.txt - contains scripts for our evaluation board EVAL-ADV7612EBxZ { X = 1, 2 }.

    Now how the file is constructed?

    1. It starts with comments and useful part of scripts starts with first line

        containing ## characters. Title between these characters ( ## <title> ## ) indicates

        family of scripts (in our case it will be:

         ## HDMI IN ADV7612 - HDMI OUT ADV7511 ##

         ## HDMI PCM Audio ADV7612 ##

         ## HDMI IN ADV7612 - ENCODER OUT ##

         ## HDMI TDM I2S Audio ADV7612 ##

         ## HDMI- HBR Audio ADV7612 ##

         ## HDMI-DSD Audio ADV7612 ##


    2. Now each "family of scripts" contains scripts themselves. Name of script

        is placed in next line under "name of family of scripts", as shown below

        in blue. After title we have I2C writes ended with word End.

    ## HDMI IN ADV7612 - HDMI OUT ADV7511 ##

    :6-1d Port A, 480i,576i,240p,288p,480p 576p Any Color Space In (YCrCb 444 36bit from ADV761x) Through HDMI Out 36-bits 444 YCrCb (Fast Switching)VIC[1-3,6-14,17,18,21-29,30]:

    98 FF 80 ; I2C reset

    98 F4 80 ; CEC

    98 F5 7C ; INFOFRAME

    98 F8 4C ; DPLL

    98 F9 64 ; KSV

    98 FA 6C ; EDID

    98 FB 68 ; HDMI

    98 FD 44 ; CP

    98 01 06 ; Prim_Mode =110b HDMI-GR

    98 02 F5 ; Auto CSC, YCrCb out, Set op_656 bit

    98 03 42 ; 36 bit SDR 444 Mode 0

    98 05 28 ; AV Codes Off

    98 0B 44 ; Power up part

    98 0C 42 ; Power up part

    98 14 7F ; Max Drive Strength

    98 15 80 ; Disable Tristate of Pins

    98 19 83 ; LLC DLL phase

    98 33 40 ; LLC DLL enable

    44 BA 01 ; Set HDMI FreeRun

    64 40 81 ; Disable HDCP 1.1 features

    68 9B 03 ; ADI recommended setting



    3. I2C writes are hexadecimal numbers indicating from left to right:

       I2C device address (in case below = 0x98),

       I2C register address (in case below = 0xFF),

       value to be written (in our case = 0x80).

       semicolon separating comment from writes.

       and comment (reset as below)

    98 FF 80 ; some comment.

    4. Now it is important to remember that this scripts are

    used for our evaluation boards. Therefore they will contain

    numerous writes to other devices.


    72 xx yy - ADV7511 HDMI Transmitter

    56 xx yy - ADV7341 Encoder

    Writes that are addressed for ADV7611, ADV7612, ADV7619

    will be always: 0x98 (or 0x9A) and all indicated at the top of scripts

    in initial writes setting I2C Maps of ADV7611/ADV7612 or ADV7619:

    98 F4 80 ; CEC

    98 F5 7C ; INFOFRAME

    98 F8 4C ; DPLL

    98 F9 64 ; KSV

    98 FA 6C ; EDID

    98 FB 68 ; HDMI

    98 FD 44 ; CP

    So in above case ADV7612 addresses will be:

    0x98, 0x80, 0x7C, 0x4C, 0x64, 0x6C, 0x68, 0x44.

    Refer to ADV7612 Hardware Users Guide section "REGISTER ACCESS AND SERIAL PORTS DESCRIPTION"

    (page 186 of 200 doc. Rev. 0). Hardware Users Guide is also on our webpage:

    Best regards,


  • Hello,

    in the scripts file, there is this command & comment:  64 40 81 ; Disable HDCP 1.1 features

    Could you tell me how register 0x40 in the Repeater memory map corresponds to disabling HDCP features?



  • Hi George,

    It sets the bit in BCAPS defined in HDCP to tell the TX that the part can't do HDCP 1.1 features.


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