Progressive HDMI to CVBS in EVAL-ADV7611


I have a question about the input HDMI signal,

If the input of HDMI to the EVAL-ADV7611EB2Z was in progressive mode will it be able to output CVBS signal ?

Because as I have read in the documents, All the cases to output CVBS in ADV7341 was in interlaced mode

In any case what is the expected output from the board in case of P HDMI input or I HDMI input? 

Also, what is the preferred software to run with this board because I have seen a lot? and is there any test setup for HDMI to CVBS codes?

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    on Nov 13, 2019 2:51 PM in reply to Mot3ee

    1) The ADV7611 + ADV7371 cannot convert 1024x768 progressive to 576 interlaced.

    2) The output format will have the same timing format as the input format.

    The ADV7611 and ADV7341 are not format converters, the best they can do is come color space conversion.  There are other devices that can do interlaced to progressive conversion.  The ADV8005 can do many format conversions however I don't think this is waht you are looking for.

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