Could not locate app_edid.c - VisualDSP++ 5.1.2

Hi Everyone,

I have searched EZ for this problem but I was unable to find any results.  I am using the EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ board.

After installing a fresh copy of VisualDSP++ 5.1.2 off the ADI website, I opened up VisualDSP++ and navigated to File > Open > Project..., and then to
VisualDSP 5.1.2/Blackfin/Examples/BF_7625_7625_X2.3.3REL_20150323/ADV7625_BF524.dpj, it won't open the project file.  I get the following error window for a missing source file:

When I obtained the latest SDK software pack for my EVAL board (ADV7625_Evaluation_Board_Software-Rel2.4.0), it contained the following files in the SRC directory:

When I copied these files across (overwrote them) in the Examples\BF_7625_7625_X2.3.3REL_20150323\ADV7625_SW directory the situation never changed, and I still got the same error message.

"Could not locate the file: app_edid.c"

It seems that the software pack ADV7625_Evaluation_Board_Software-Rel2.4.0 does not contain app_edid.c.

Surely an example that comes packed with an IDE from Analog Devices for one of their own EVAL boards should at least open (let alone compile).  Could it be that the example and the software pack are too far apart in date?

If so, could you recommend a software pack, EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ example, or both that actually open and compile?



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  • Hi Poornima,

    In the other thread here, I didn't overwrite the ADV7625_SW files with the files from ADV7625_Evaluation_Board_Software-Rel2.4.0.

    So my steps were:

    1) Take 'firmware' directory (containing include/ and source/) generated by Blimp and use it to replace the one at BF_7625_7625_X2.3.3REL_20150323\ADV7625_SW\APP\XREP\OSD inside the VDSP++ Blackfin Examples directory.

    2) Replace the *.c and *.h files in ADV7625_SW\APP\XREP\OSD\DemoOsd with the *.c and *.h files generated by Blimp with the same name, except for blimp_external_api.c or blimp_external_api.h.

    3) Open the ADV7625_BF524.dpj project in VisualDSP++ 5.1.2.  Connect to target.  Change all project options according to B.2 Project Settings To Do and B.3 Additional Settings To Do, Clean Project and Rebuild Project.

    I got some compile warnings (mostly originating from the Blimp auto-generated code), but it did compile successfully.  Unfortunately, using the flasher inside VDSP++, the generated binary didn't run, and nothing came up on my TeraTerm nor on my TV.  If I used the debugger to "Run" or "Reset/Run" the same result occurred.

    Do you think that it's necessary for me to include the skipped step of using the HPM files from ADV7625_Evaluation_Board_Software-Rel2.4.0?

    - Andrew