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Regarding EVAL-ADV7604EB1Z BOM missing information

We are making a design using this EVAL board as a reference.

We are searching for the alternative part for the Crystal Y2 in reference BOM description as follows:

Y2 XTAL1 28.6363MHz   HC49 No Top Crystal Golledge MA09631 ADI Free Issue

This is a Configurable crystal .

Please provide the configurable options you have  used in EVM.

  • This specific crystal was given as a reference.  Any crystal will work as long as you provide the proper loading and the crystal oscillates in circuit.  On anothre project I used a,  HCM49-28.63636MABJ-UT crystal with 27pF load caps.  If you choose another crystal you will have to change the load caps to match per the attached pdf.