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Recommended inductor for Y-TRAP of AD725

Inductor devices do have more properties than just an inductance.

Datasheet, evaluation board document and other resources I find on the internet do not give any idea other than 68 uH inductance. Here's a pic of possibly well performing inductor:

The one almost at the center marked 680J is expected to be the required inductor, its length must be 2.1 mm (comparing to the size of AD725), but I can not find such inductors.

I would appreciate if AD people would give part numbers of recommended (or successfully used) inductors, and then I will find out my way to source appropriate one locally.

Thank you.

Update: (after Guenter's reply)

The board in the picture above is Altium "12-404-PB01 -  Audio/Video Peripheral Board, Provides a Stereo Audio CODEC, 24-Bit VGA Output", here's the circuit diagram


The document does not list the BOM, but each component has more or less complete characteristic written on. For Y-trap inductor it has "68uH 80mA 5.5R" title, thus it is very close to the Guenter's proposed part.

Update: here's the final product based on the AD725.

added final product image
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[edited by: Eugeny Brychkov at 9:59 PM (GMT 0) on 12 Nov 2019]
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  • Guenter, great, thank you for the assessment (I have simulated it in LTspice to find out no much difference too). I agree with you, that was a quick proto showing that chip works, but I had a lot of problems during making it up and running more or less properly. I am working on the PCB implemeting experience gained and expecting it to have proper layout and performing well.

    I must say that image AD725 produces is superior - that's why I keep fighting having it in.

    Again thank you very much for your support.